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Naegohyang: a North Korean company branches out | NK News - North Korea News

“They run the Snow White Cafe, and I keep seeing their name on everything.” “I’m wearing one of their sports shirts right now in fact.” New Soju (left) and Naegohyang Sul (right) | Click to enlarge | Photos: NK News Most private business is banned under DPRK law, and Naegohyang Joint Venture is owned by the state – or, more specifically, by the Ministry of People’s Armed Forces. “It has no limitations on expanding its business,” Kim – the former Office 39 employee – told NK News, because it is protected by its proximity to the military. The company also offers customized sports uniforms, and its equipment – such as table tennis court dividers – often appears on state TV when domestic competitions take place. “It has no limitations on expanding its business” Naegohyang also launched its own women’s soccer team in 2012, mainly composed of teenagers. But even though all the players on Naegohyang team are younger than players in other teams, they have shown better performance than any of their opponents – at least according to a narrator in a video published by the DPRK Today in January. Naegohyang is known for producing 7.27s – Kim Jong Un’s cigarette brand of choice I Photos: Rodong Sinmun Last year the company introduced a locally made automatic soccer ball thrower, which won the 21st National Sports Sci-Tech Show in October, and has also been doing charity: visiting schools to install artificial grass on the soccer field and providing equipment and sportswear to children. The company also appeared in the 13th Autumn Pyongyang International Trade Fair (PITF) last year, but it was not listed as one of the participating companies in this year’s 21st Spring Pyongyang International Trade Fair. The incongruity of a cigarette manufacturer selling sporting goods and supplements notwithstanding, many questions remain unanswered about Naegohyang and its place – and links to the top brass – in North Korea’s increasingly flexible market. But with a growing class of North Korean companies branching   out into the consumer goods market, as well as Kim Jong Un’s stated goal to redirect the ruling party’s focus to “dramatically raise people’s living standards,” it seems likely we’ll hear a lot more from Naegohyang this year. Naegohyang Joint Ventures is one of the fast-growing conglomerate-style corporations in North Korea. In recent years, the company has gone from selling cigarettes and sportswear to many different kinds of products such as electronics, bakeries, and drinks.

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